The apartments​

True quality of life begins with the small and simple things. Homeowners will enjoy elegant and classic interior design, meticulously planned to maximize living space and create a serene and beautiful experience.

The specification

The apartment

  • Preparation for a central mini-air conditioning system.
  • Double-glazed Windows.
  • An electric shutter in the living room including manual handle.
  • Granite porcelain tiles flooring, measures 80/80 cm.
  • Bathroom closets include a mirror.
  • Chrome-nickel flower faucets made by "Hamat" or equivalent.
  • "Pladelet"\"Rav Bariach" entry door.
  • Electrical accessories made by "Gewiss" or equivalent.
  • Three phase electrical connection.
  • Intercom includes a color camera.
  • Independent toilets.
  • Acrylic Bathtub.
  • Doors made by Pandoor \ equivalent.
  • Electric underfloor heating.
  • Shabbat elevator

The kitchen

  • Kitchen cabinet body built in sandwich 8 meters.
  • Silent slam drawers with "Bloom" products or equivalent.
  • Marble countertop by "Caesar stone".
  • Chrome-nickel flower faucets made by "Hamat" or equivalent.
  • Separate acrylic sinks in a flat installation.
  • Preparation for dishwasher (on request).
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